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To become a brand name and benchmark for providing innovative analytical engineering solutions with eminent quality and services in our markets.



Incorporate the “realization, purpose and critique” part in learning and education. Bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. Provide better quality and services and gain trust and belief of our customers



Trust: Builds confidence in our stakeholders to invest more with a feeling of more reliability.
Integrity/Dignity: Respect for each other, inspire to share, collaborate and innovate.


Our Main Services Include

Academic Industry


  • Providing Training and workshops in engineering colleges and in industries.
  • Providing Engineering consultancy for automation of Industrial Robots, Elevators, automation machines etc.
  • Setting up Robotics Lab in Engineering colleges

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Industrial Automation


  • Get reliable Engineering solutions or Consultancy required for Interior fit-outs of new constructed buildings
  • e-Rook for B2B Industries
  • Get Engineering Solution for troubleshooting of your non-operational Automated machines in your industry.

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At RoboImagine we believe that not only the experimental results are important but their reasons and in depth analysis is even more important.


Established in March, 2013 with a great inspiration to upgrade, contribute, support and sustain the quality of engineering services available and practiced in India.

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