eROOK500 – Compact Electric Powered Commercial Trike


We introduce our new product, eROOK500 (patent pending), a electric-powered compact commercial vehicle. The vehicle is a single-person-transporter, capable of transporting material across different sections of indoor and outdoor premises. It is best suited for sites like manufacturing plants, factories, airports, etc., wherein, routine supervision, patrolling, and regular transportation becomes a challenge due to vast ground to cover.

eROOK will save

  • Time required for routine supervision of large scale plants, logistics and warehouses
  • Efficient transportation of tools, goods
  • The product can save around 4,00,000/- INR per year, if compared with the best possible alternative solution in the market.

eROOK as status icon

  • The state-of-the-art design of the product carries an iconic status during various visits of clients and associated VIPs

eROOK customizations

  • Available in higher or lower power ratings
  • Available in different shape and sizes of trolley
  • Battery-Management-System can be configured depending upon the particular route at any site

eROOK after sales

  • Maintenance and servicing would be handled by the company directly


We would like to give you an overview of this product and discuss with you the best of ways in which it can suit your needs. Meeting in person would allow us to fully evaluate your wants and needs. Please let us know at your earliest convenience.

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